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Renewable Energy Law in Bulgaria

Photovoltaics & Wind Parks.
Legal Services on Energy Law in Bulgaria by COELER LEGAL Consulting, Sofia

Bulgaria set for massive groth in wind power & photovoltaics. See the report of the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) in cooperation with the Bulgarian Association of Producers of Ecological Energy (APEE).

COELER LEGAL Consulting is the leading law firm in the field of Energy Law and Renewable Energies in 
Bulgaria. We are permanent legal advisors to project development companies and operators of renewable 
energy plants in particular wind parkshydro-electric power plants and photovoltaics. Our energy law
consultants have excellent knowledge of the laws and regulations as well as the procedure on EU & national level. We are in permanent contact with the competent authorities and officials in the Bulgarian Government, the Regional Inspectorates and communities.

COELER LEGAL is an active member of APEE, the only association of producers or renewable energies and thus in permanent contact with government bodies and parliamentary councils.

As a Legal Advisor of Project Developers, Operators, Funds and Banks we are examining (Due Diligence) and Drafting the complete Paperwork and Documentation including all:

  • Articles of Association
  • Lease and Sale-Purchase-Agreements
  • Construction Contracts
  • Easements
  • Grid Connection Agreements
  • Operating and Management Agreements
  • Other License and Service Agreements
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Letters of Reference
  • CO²-Emission Certificates

We are advising on and negotiating for you with Municipal and Private Land Owners and Authorities

  • Safeguarding Sites and Locations
  • Acquisition of Real Estate and Construction Rights
  • Spatial Planning and Detailed Planning
  • Building Licenses
  • Drafting Necessary Agreements

You may find more information as to the actual legal situation at Info Center. Please have a look at the new
Act on renewable energies & biofuels as well as the compilation of the relevant laws of the Energy sector.
Here you may find the new proposal of the EC commission on renewable energies.

Wind parks REITs´ new market niche (source PARI)

Current projects:

  • Permanent Legal Advisor to Windpark and Photovoltaic Development Companies from Norway, Germany, Austria and Spain
  • Legal Due Diligence Windpark "Dobrudzha" for leading German Project Developer
  • Legal Due Diligence Windpark "Kavarna" - permanent Legal Advice during the Project Development of 4 Windfarms
  • Advising several Project Development Companies as to how entering the Bulgarian Market in Renewable Energies
  • Acquisition of a Hydro-Electric Power Plant



2. Februar 2011 - The Bulgarian Council of Ministers has passed the new draft RES-Law. It will be brought to Parliament in the next 10 working days for the first hearing.  

You may find more useful information under this link "Rechtsquellen Erneuerbare Energien".