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Tax Law in Bulgaria

Tax Attorneys. Accounting Services & Legal Services
on Tax Law in Bulgaria by COELER LEGAL Consulting, Sofia

Bulgaria has joined the EU on January 1st, 2007, and since then all EU liberties such as liberty of establishment 
and the judgements of the European Court of Justice (ECJ) apply. The country has gained new reputation for 
its unique "Flat Tax" of 10 % of all company and personal incomes. This is the lowest rate in the EU. Bulgaria 
has ratified many double taxation treaties according to the OECD sample.

Although the Bulgarian Tax Law is still simple, it is getting more complex due to newly implemented EU regu-
lations thus making business and tax planning more important. Our tax attorneys and accounting specialists
will assist you in developing the right tax strategy and solutions. We do not only provide you with competent tax
advice to Bulgarian Law but also consider the double taxation issues.

Our Legal Services in terms of Tax Law include:

  • Registration of Companies
  • Tax Investigations
  • Developing Tax Strategies and Cross-Border Solutions
  • Tax issues Related to the Sale and Purchase of Companies
  • Tax-related Due Diligence Examination
  • Tax issues in Company Structuring and Restructuring
  • Collection and Remedy Proceedings before Tax Authorities
  • Permanent Tax Advice and Accountancy

Free First Assessment on your Tax Law Issue

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and send us your request or legal issue for reviewal. We will immediately give you our first assessment of the case without any charge.