Due Diligence Reports

Each share or asset deal, take over or purchase of a project requires a careful analysis of all legal, tax and economical issues (due diligence). Due Diligence is the process of evaluating a prospective business decision by getting information about the financial, legal, and other material (important) state of the other party. The prospective buyer wants to validate his/her opinion of the business to see if it is truly a good decision.

The parties conducting due diligence generally create a checklist of needed information. Management of the target company prepares some of the information. Financial statements, business plans and other documents are reviewed. In addition, interviews and site visits are conducted. Finally, thorough research is conducted with external sources including customers, suppliers, industry experts, trade organizations, market research firms, and others. As a result of this study, the value of the venture, project of business can be assessed and the purchase price may be adjusted.

COELER LEGAL has a profound experience in analysing companies and preparing bankable due diligence reports. In the last years, we have analysed some of the largest real estate companies as well as wind park projects in Bulgaria. Other than most bulgarian law firms we provide for insurance coverage with respect to our reports.


Dr. Cornelia Draganova
Dr. Frank Schmitz